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Friday, September 27, 2013

slow flow: NEW CLASS + prenatal yoga with Emilie

Mondays and Thursdays at 11h, join me for SLOW FLOW, a new class where we will keep it moving in the spirit of vinyasa, but more like honey and less like hot sauce. Think of it as the softer side of yoga: some gentle flow to get the energy moving, and sequenced poses to increase both strength and flexibility with more emphasis on release and relaxation. We will incorporate core strengthening, yin yoga, restorative yoga, and a long savansa to invite a feeling of inner and outer support. This class is for you if you are already running at a high frequency and need to slow down, or if you are dealing with injuries or limitations.

flow like honey mondays and thursdays at 11h

BASIC FLOW  *now at 9h15* will concentrate on learning variations of the sun salutation or surya namaskar, essential alignment and foundational strength and flexibility for more advanced postures, and the principles of vinyasa or breath-linked-to-movement.

FLOW at 12h30 will move more quickly and integrate longer sequences of standing poses, balancing poses, and inversions and assume a moderate level of fitness and/or familiarity with the sun salutation or vinyasa style.

For all you future mamas: starting October 2nd, Emilie Mognetti will be offering PRENATAL YOGA  Wednesday evenings at Le temps d'un parenthèse. Please contact her directly for more info!

Every one of us is different, and not all times in one's life call for the same approach. The beauty of yoga is that there is something for everyone! Please contact me if you have questions about finding the right style for your current needs. 

Sunday, September 8, 2013

yoga + repas à la ferme - 22 septembre

Rejoignez-nous pour un évènement 100% nature au Domaine Dumont! 

Yoga by Sabrina Sadeghi Millecamps  *  Produits bios by Fabien Dumont  *  Repas + design by Sir Marcus alias Mike Sajnoski  *  Vins by Henri Milan

Sunday, September 1, 2013

reflections from the mat : témoignages /// testimonials

What can yoga do for you? Take it from those who have tried it...
Qu'est-ce que le yoga peux vous apporter? Ecoutez les initiés...

Our yoga journey with Sabrina during our three month adventure in Provence last year was without doubt one of the highlights of our vacation.  After a long time yearning to learn yoga my husband and I finally had the time over our three month vacation to try and find someone to teach us.  Sabrina was that someone.

It was a wonderful introduction to all aspects of yoga.  Her attitude towards her practice suited us perfectly.  She was patient and gentle yet always open to challenging us when she sensed we were ready and had a thorough understanding of technique which is so very important when learning Yoga.
Apart from the expected highlights that Provence provides with scenery, culture and gourmet delights, it was so wonderful to have the introduction of something we have wanted to learn for a long time. 

When we returned to Australia to find a suitable teacher, we were often met with positive comments regarding our technique which is a reflection of our experience with Sabrina.  Yoga has now become a passion for which we attribute largely to Sabrina's introduction and teaching. 
- Sara and Jim

J'ai longtemps hésité pour me rendre à un cours de yoga, car je pensais que cette pratique demandait énormément de souplesse et de concentration que je n'avais pas. Lors du premier cours, j'ai constaté qu'il en était rien et que je suis arrivé grâce à ton écoute à des positions que je n'imaginais jamais pouvoir faire, surtout à 60 ans.  J'ai beaucoup transpiré lors de la séance, mais j'ai ressenti à la fin, un bien être et une détente que je ne connaissais plus depuis très longtemps. Maintenant, chaque séance m'apporte une très grande sérénité et c'est avec grand plaisir que je rejoins le cours chaque semaine. 
- Jean-Louis

3 months after giving birth, I wanted to get back into exercise but was not ready to start running again and so started yoga with Sabrina. I have been an addict ever since and still going strong 2 years later. Not only do I find it a moment for 'me' but physically and mentally its changed me. It has certainly sculptured my body! I also feel great when doing it, after doing it and miss it if I don't do it. Sabrina's classes are dynamic, fun and surprisingly a great way to meet some lovely, new interesting people. 
- Joanna

Il est difficile de mettre une seule réalité sur le mot "YOGA" tant les techniques et les professeurs influencent la pratique. A mes yeux, Sabrina a su trouver le juste équilibre : entre une pratique tonique et la recherche d'une certaine qualité posturale, entre le sérieux et le fun, entre l'écoute de soi et l'ambiance détendue dans le groupe.  Merci Sabrina d'apporter à tes élèves ta belle énergie et de nous faire pratiquer dans la simplicité, la bonne humeur et pour parfois… la sueur !