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Monday, February 18, 2013

introducing Harriet!

I will be away from St. Rémy for a few weeks, but it is my pleasure to welcome Harriet Spalding, who will replace me for all scheduled classes while I am out of town.

Harriet, originally from Australia, was lucky enough to discover the virtues of yoga early in life. She started at 17 with a Japanese form of yoga called Oki Do and has never looked back. Life is just better when you practice! Her early teachings were Iyengar-based and then she continued her yoga education exploring Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Yin and Anusara.

She has taught throughout France, the USA and Australia since her certification at YOGAWORKS in Los Angeles in 2007. Her main philosophy about being a yoga teacher is that every individual needs something different. Respecting yourself, your talents, and your limitations is one of the great gifts of the yoga tradition. In Harriet's classes you will learn to breathe and move so it works for you.

Harriet lives between Paris and the Rocky Mountains of Colorado and will be teaching in St. Rémy from February 25-March 18.

Contact Harriet at or 06 42 14 55 68


  1. Please have Harriet call me on mobile in Australia 0439 595 200 - old friend wanting to catch up - thank you - Martin Gostelow

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