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Friday, October 19, 2012

good morning!

I have a confession to make: I am not a morning person. I was never the type to wake up at sunrise and meditate or practice sun salutations, mornings for me were always more about coffee with yoga being an afternoon or evening thing. Having a baby has changed all that, and I now find myself up bright and early nearly every morning. Recently, I have started taking advantage of that time after getting out of bed and before sipping my first café crème to roll out the mat and awaken with a few yoga poses. Incidentally, I feel less need for coffee afterwards (or at least need a little less coffee), and my day starts with much more ease with all those creaks worked out of my body before 8am.

Inspired by this beautiful video for yoga in New York's Equinox sports clubs (!), I  have even started thinking of keeping my mat right by my bed, so I can roll out from under my blankets and into my practice. maybe the idea of doing all of those arm balances first things in the morning, or ever, seems unlikely for you, but you can still roll out your mat and start your day with yoga through these simple poses:
child's pose/balasana

downward-facing dog/adho mukha svanasana
bridge pose/setu bandasana    
reclining twist

You could also work into a few rounds of sun salutations to really get warm and open and get your blood and energy flowing. See this post from the summer for more information on this complete sequence of postures that stretches and strengthens every muscle in your body.

Have a great day!

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